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Australian Wildfires - Too Big to Ignore

There’s something we need to talk about.

The wildfires in Australia have been burning since September 2019.  And, yes, wildfire season is like a thing in Australia, but let’s all put politics aside here, let’s forget about the misused term “global warming”, and let’s focus on the facts here just for a second.

firefighter in Australia wearing mask and standing in orange smoke while battling flames Reference 2

Whether you think climate change is man-made or not, climate change IS real.

Ask a pilot, and they’ll likely tell you “Yes, it’s more turbulent up there than it was a decade ago.” 

Research shows trans-Atlantic flights are more likely to experience “clear air turbulence”, which is mostly due to wind shear (Reference 3 and 7).  

If you’re wondering what “clear air turbulence” has to do with fires in Australia, have you heard of a fire tornado?

While a “fire whirl” sometimes referred to as a “firenado” (Reference 4) is common due to the wind generated by the fire itself.  The frequency of these fire whirls just so happens to be increasing due to climate change (Reference 10). 

While a fire whirl usually only extends a few hundred feet high, it's possible for a wildfire to spawn a real tornado.

This happened during the Carr Fire in California in 2018, a real legit tornado (only the second in recorded history and the strongest tornado in California's history taking fire with it at 165 mph and 2700 degrees Fahreinheit and about 7 and a half miles high (Reference 11 - incredible video of this fire tornado).

And, Australia just happens to be one of those places on the planet experiencing warmer than normal temperatures since the early 2000s (Reference 5).

average temperature in Australia from 1910 to 2019 - scatter plot

Figure 1.  Average temperature in Australia over the past 110 years (Reference 6).

Let’s get some basic definitions out of the way.

Climate change does NOT mean global warming EVERYWHERE across the globe. 

Climate change means new weather patterns for extended periods of time (think decades at a minimum) due to an AVERAGE warming of ALL global temperatures (NOT LOCAL WARMING (or cooling) IN A WEEK or a month or even a season… yeah, Homer’s “10 feet of global warming” definition just isn't quite right).

Homer Simpson telling Lisa "Gee Lisa, looks like tomorrow I'll be shoveling 10 feet of global warming"Lisa Simpson replying to Homer Simpson "Global warming can cause weather at both extremes, hot and cold." after Homer's jackass remark about 10 feet of global warming

A time for action, not debate

Whatever your beliefs on climate change, man-made, man-accelerated, just normal cycle, here are the facts.

Fires have been blazing for four months, over a quarter of a year, more than a trimester of pregnancy, and a billion animals have already been destroyed.

As a company, well, we simply refuse to stand by any longer.

For the month of January, we’re:

    • Donating ALL proceeds from sales to help with firefighting efforts in Australia.  This isn't coupled with the two bullets below, this is in addition to those.
      • Matching any donation you make to an Australian relief organization. 
      When you give, tag us on social media (Facebook, IG, or Twitter, we're not  picky). 
      Tell us how much you donated and which organization you donated to, and we'll match up to $1,000 in donations by giving to one of the organizations listed below.
      • If you can’t donate right now, that’s okay too. 
      Share this blog link on a social media outlet of your choice and be sure to tag us. 
      We’ll send $1 for every share to one of those organizations (up to $1,000 maximum donation).
      Charities we'll donate to during the month of January

      New South Wales Fire Department

      Victoria Australia Fire Department

      Supporting Families of Australian Fire Fighters Lost During the 2019-2020 Blaze

      Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital

      Global Giving to support wildfire relief in Australia

      Note, you are free to give to whichever firefighting, community restoring, or animal saving charity working towards relief of these devastating wildfires that you choose, and we will match that donation by giving to one of the organizations we’ve vetted and listed above. 

      Just be sure to tag us in a story or post or tweet sharing how much you give so we can match that gift.

      More Ways to Give

      Koalas, bats, and kangaroos in need of blankets, booties, and more - Auction January 15

      You can sponsor a bat wrap to help wildlife in Australia - don't listen to the myths, less than 1% of bats carry rabies, and these incredible animals are natural pesticides,... which reminds me, you should NOT be using pesticides - birds, bats, lizards, and your drinking water stand to lose!

      Animals affected by wildfires need knitted blankets, booties, and more


      We are not partnered with nor are we sponsors for any of the organizations listed above. 


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