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Holistic Healing? Part 1: The Benefits of Acupuncture

Yes, Western medicine has its place, but so does body work (think myofascial release) and acupuncture.

Case in point:  I developed a severe case of tennis elbow and after 6 months of physical therapy, I wasn't a whole lot better.  Enter acupuncture!  I could tell an improvement after 1 session, but it took 6 twice weekly treatments and some follow up appointments (1x weekly, then 1x every other week) to correct the problem.  Still, acupuncture worked to completely alleviate the problem,  and traditional PT didn't. 


I have come to believe that injuries and at least some physical ailments are not totally physical.  While acupuncture does have some explanation from a Western medicine viewpoint (improving circulation for example), both acupuncture and reiki largely rely on correcting energy movement in the body, resolving areas of stagnation and improving overall health.

Placebo effect?

Well, it works on dogs...

beagle dog, dog receiving acupuncture, dog getting acupuncture, dog lying on rug, dog receiving treatment

I became a convert to acupuncture about 8 years ago.  We had a dog who had arthritis, and our holistic veterinarian recommended acupuncture.  We decided to try acupuncture, and it helped. 

A few years later, another one of our dogs developed congestive heart failure (CHF) and stopped being his normal little food hound self.  Acupuncture improved his appetite (he would turn his nose up at bacon, deli meat, any other delicacies we could think of before a session, and after a session, no need for delicacies, he would eat dog treats). 

Here's the thing about animals... the placebo effect is not a possibility.  Our dogs weren't making anything up in their minds and weren't pretending to be better.

We were seeing real effects of acupuncture.

Several years later, I developed gall sludge and started having problems associated with gallbladder attacks.  That's when I first tried acupuncture for myself, and it's kind of like evidence based faith... while I may not be able to fully explain everything, I know it's real because I can feel the results.

If you're in the Oceanside, CA area, here are a few clinics you should check out:
https://www.oceanacu.com/ - offering community style acupuncture at reasonable prices
Tsai Acupuncture - Kim is phenomenal

If you're in the Fort Collins area, check out www.sourcepointcommunity.com

About the Author

 Brandy Searcy sitting on the floor with her dog Bogie a maltese mix in her lap

Brandy with her dog Bogie.  Bogie was the guy who responded so well to acupuncture.  The little food hound was diagnosed with congestive heart failure (CHF) in 2013, and he went from having a voracious appetite to not wanting to eat as his disease progressed. 

Turning his nose up at bacon prior to an acupuncture session to eating a full meal of kibble after a session, this little guy proved to Brandy that acupuncture was a legit and powerful healing modality.

Brandy experienced acupuncture herself first circa 2015 when she started having symptoms of gall sludge, and she can now personally attest to just how effective this alternative healing modality has been for her own health.

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