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More than Skin Deep | Return to Eden Cosmetics' Blog

  • Do You Have an Uneven Skin Tone?

    John Hamm and many other celebrities have skin conditions. It’s natural to have an uneven skin tone – especially as a result of summer sun. When you spend time in direct sunlight, hyperpigmentation (dark spots) can become much more apparent. Most of this is due to the UV index being higher in summer months, but that doesn’t mean that summer is the only time hyperpigmentation can (or will) occur – it’s just the most common time. If you’re interested in a more even skin tone, read on to find out what you need to do.

  • Are Natural Skincare Ingredients Safe?

    We associate natural with safe, when that's just not always the case.  Nature is a battlefield.  The prey often have unique defenses against their predators including natural ingredients.  We'll help you determine which natural ingredients are good and which pose a risk for your skin's health focusing on essential oils (hint:  how they're processed and which part of the plant is used to make the oil can impact whether it's safe or risky for your skin).
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