What is the mole ratio of ammonia to nitrogen?

The most useful quantity for counting particles is the mole. So if each coefficient is multiplied by a mole, the balanced chemical equation tells us that 1 mole of nitrogen reacts with 3 moles of hydrogen to produce 2 moles of ammonia. This is the conventional way to interpret any balanced chemical equation.

What is the molar ratio of NH3 h2?

Explanation: The ‘Moles” are the coefficients of the molecules in the reaction equation. In this equation the coefficient of hydrogen is ‘3’ and the coefficient of ammonia is ‘2’. So, the ratio of hydrogen to ammonia is 3:2.

How many moles of nitrogen are in NH3?

Since we have the amount of N2 and excess of hydrogen, we only need to work with the amount of N2. As we said before, for every mole of N2 we get 2 moles of NH3 and using this proportions we can make a conversion tool and calculate how many moles of NH3 we obtain from 2.5 moles of N2.

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What is the mole ratio of Fe3O4?

What is the mole ratio of Fe3O4 to Fe? A- 1:3.

What is the mole ratio?

A mole ratio is a conversion factor that relates the amounts in moles of any two substances in a chemical reaction. The numbers in a conversion factor come from the coefficients of the balanced chemical equation.

Do you reduce mole ratios?

The molar ratio can be constructed using any two compounds in the reaction, be they reactants or products. Write the molar ratios for (a) O2 to SO3 and (b) SO2 to SO3. … Note that both ratios can be reduced.

What is the mole ratio of pcl3 to pcl5?

Answer : The mole ratio of to is 1 : 1 ratio.

What is the mole ratio of NaOH to Al OH 3?

The molar ratios of NaOH to Al(OH)3 are 3 to 1. Therefore, 2.3 moles of NaOH would produce (1/3)*(2.3) moles of Al(OH)3.

How many moles of nitrogen do you need to make 10 moles of ammonia?

5 moles of nitrogen would be needed to make 10 moles of ammonia.

How many moles of hydrogen are needed to completely react with 2 moles nitrogen?

Your question specified 2 moles of nitrogen. I would be quite justified in assuming that the questioner meant 2 moles of dinitrogen gas, i.e. the equivalent of 4 moles of NITROGEN atoms. Thus, if 2 moles of dinitrogen gas are specified, 6 moles of dihydrogen gas are required.

What is the mole ratio of Fe2O3?

We also see there are 2 moles of Fe2O3.

So their ratio is Fe : Fe2O3 = 4 : 2. The mole ratio between Fe and Fe2O3 is 2 : 1.

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What is the mole ratio of water?

The reaction produces two water molecules, so the mole ratio between oxygen and water is 1:2, but the mole ratio between water and hydrogen is 2:2.

What is the mole ratio of PbO2?

Terms in this set (16) A car battery produces electrical energy with the following chemical reaction. What is the mole ratio of PbO2 to water? PbOes001-2.

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