You asked: What is the mole ratio of O2?

The mole ratio between O2 and H2O is 1:2. For every 1 mole of O2 used, 2 moles of H2O are formed.

What is the mole ratio of O2 H2O?

Mole ratio of H2O to O2 in the given reaction is H2O : O2 = 2 : 1.

What is the ratio of O2 to CO2?

O2• The rates of CO2 uptake and O2 evolution exhibit nearly identical responses to CO2 pressure within each species while the absolute rate of CO2 uptake appears to be slightly higher than the rate of O2 evolution at all CO2 pressures, giving a C02/02 exchange ratio of 1.04 to 1.14.

What is the mole ratio of oxygen to water?

The mole ratio between oxygen and water is 1:2. The mole ratio between hydrogen and water is 2:2, but you can reduce this to 1:1.

Is 2h2 O2 h2o balanced?

The obtained result indicates that the oxygen atom is not equal on both sides. Thus the reaction is not balanced.

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What is the mole ratio?

A mole ratio is a conversion factor that relates the amounts in moles of any two substances in a chemical reaction. The numbers in a conversion factor come from the coefficients of the balanced chemical equation.

What is the mole ratio of NaOH to Al OH 3?

The molar ratios of NaOH to Al(OH)3 are 3 to 1. Therefore, 2.3 moles of NaOH would produce (1/3)*(2.3) moles of Al(OH)3.

Do you reduce mole ratios?

The molar ratio can be constructed using any two compounds in the reaction, be they reactants or products. Write the molar ratios for (a) O2 to SO3 and (b) SO2 to SO3. … Note that both ratios can be reduced.

What are the 4 types of stoichiometry problems?

4 types of stoichiometry problems

  • Mole – mole.
  • Mole – mass.
  • Mass – mole.
  • Mass – mass.

What is the mole ratio of CO2 to c2h2?

The chemical formula tells us the mole ratio. CO2 = 1 CO2 molecule : 1 C atom : 2 O atoms. 1 C12H22O11 molecule: 12 O2 molecules : 12 CO2 molecules : 11 H2O molecules.

What is the mole ratio of c4h10 to CO2?

Answer: The mole ratio of C₄H₁₀ and CO₂ is 2 : 8, which simplifies to 1 : 4.

What is the mole ratio of CO2 to CO?

Likewise, the 1:1 mole ratio that exists between carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide means that you’ll produce the same number of moles of the latter as you have of the former.

What is the mole ratio of water?

The reaction produces two water molecules, so the mole ratio between oxygen and water is 1:2, but the mole ratio between water and hydrogen is 2:2.

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What is the mole ratio of o₂ to H₂o?

The mole ratio between O₂ and H₂O is 1molO₂2molH₂O .

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