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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Return and Exchange Policy

We want you to be happy with your purchase, and we want you to LOVE these products.

So, if you order the wrong product for your skin type (i.e. combination is a little too heavy for you and you think oily would be better suited for your skin type), let me know!!! I'm happy to send you the lotion you think will work better for you.
We offer sample sizes of most of our products and are working to make sample sizes available for all our products.  The sample sizes for our facial products are intended to last at least a week to give you an idea of whether you like the texture and feel of the product.

Please try our lotions/serums/etc. for at least two weeks before making a judgment call. It's common to have breakouts (I know I do) when switching skin care routines, and it's going to take at least two weeks to see a change in skin appearance/texture. I really think the longer you use our products, the more likely you are to love them, so if you aren't smitten during the first or second week, keep going.

If by week 4, you still aren't happy with your purchase, let me know!!

If you're trying one of the eye creams, please use for at least a month (and preferably 6 weeks) before deciding if it's making a difference or not.

What about products that arrive damaged?

If a product arrives damaged, send a picture and I'll send you a replacement.