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Ingredients we use:

    EcoCert emulsifiers

      What is EcoCert? 

      EcoCert is an organic certification organization that does more than just assess organic ingredients.  EcoCert also assesses the sustainability of those ingredients by looking at:

          1. whether the ingredient is derived from a renewable resource
          2. whether the ingredient is manufactured using environmentally sustainable processes
          3. if the ingredient is packaged in recyclable containers
      Basically, EcoCert tracks the pipeline of the ingredient - from generation to harvest to delivery ensuring the ingredient is sustainably made and delivered to the end user - in this case, Return to Eden Cosmetics, for incorporation into your skincare products.

        Cold pressed oils 

          ALL of our oils are cold pressed - we use olive oil, argan oil, hempseed, and meadowfoam seed oil in our products.  Cold pressing is environmentally friendly - completely free of any solvents, and temperature controlled to ensure minimal degradation to the oils during extraction.

          Organic Ingredients

                Almost all of our essential oils are organic, and our olive oil and argan oil are also organic. 
                  It's not possible to organically make or derive some ingredients - the process itself is not considered organic even if it is environmentally friendly (oftentimes due to inorganic materials used during processing - calendula wax being a prime example of an ingredient that is not available for purchase with organic certification but is more sustainably derived than alternatives like carnauba wax).
                  We work closely with our suppliers to ensure sustainability of ingredients that aren't organic (think biofermented ingredients like hyaluronic acid).

                    Sustainably Harvested Ingredients

                    Our Meadowfoam Seed Oil is sustainably harvested in the Pacific Northwest.  It's not available organically because that's just how it is - we pride ourselves on transparency and work with suppliers that do the same - these suppliers do not offer this particular oil as certified organic, but that doesn't mean it's not an incredible oil - grown in the Pacific Northwest, a valuable crop for bees, and an AMAZING oil for use in skincare products... plus, it's cold pressed.

                    Bioavailable ingredients

                    Our water soluble Vitamin C analog is readily bioavailable (and more stable than regular Vitamin C), the resveratrol we use is micronized to maximize skin absorption.

                    Find out more about our ingredients by clicking the links below.


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                    Cold Pressed Oils



                    Plant Based (& EcoCert) Emulsifiers




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