Organic Hydrosols/Distillates –

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Organic Hydrosols/Distillates

All our hydrosols/distillates/flower waters are steam distilled (goes without saying for a true hydrosol, but I said it anyways) and organic

Our hydrosols are all sourced from a supplier that holds a Zero Waste certification AND is also certified by EcoCert as a Fair for Life company, which ensures fair trade compliance across the production cycle for each of these hydrosols (from harvesting the crops to making the hydrosol itself). 

You may be asking, just what is a hydrosol?  Hydrosols, which are also known as distillates and flower waters, are created during essential oil distillation by this process:

  1. Plant matter (fruit, leaves, or flower petals) is placed in a strainer above a pot of boiling water.
  2. Steam passes through the botanicals extracting their essence.
  3. The botanical infused steam passes through a cooling coil, which allows it to condense back as a liquid.
  4. The collected steam (called a distillate) separates into an oil layer (steam distilled essential oil) and a water layer.  This water layer is the hydrosol.

Here's a picture of the process.

essential oil distillation process and hydrosol distillation process

We use three hydrosols liberally in our products.

Chamomile Hydrosol (German), Organic - Fabulous hydrosol for all skin types.  Soothes irritated and sensitive skin and great for acne prone individuals.

Cucumber Hydrosol, Organic - Cucumber hydrosol and aloe go very well together in helping to soothe inflamed and irritated skin.  You can find this hydrosol in all of our serums and in our Beach Bum After Sun Lotion, Shade in a Bottle Day & Night Lotion, and REM Time Night Lotion for Oily Skin Types.

​​Rose Hydrosol, Organic - Tightens pores and regulates sebum production making it great for both dry and oily skin types.   You can find this hydrosol in our Shade in a Bottle Day & Night Lotion.

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