Protect your skin with anti-oxidant rich lotions and oil free serums –

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Protect your Skin

Too much exfoliation and too many products that promote physiological changes (i.e. use of a wrinkle cream starting at age 20) just doesn't make sense for younger skin because younger skin behaves differently than mature skin. 
  • Dermal-epidermal junctions are tighter
  • collagen production is higher
  • cells are younger and don't need to be awaken from sleep (yeah, that's a thing - cellular senescence - some of our skin cells turn into Sleeping Beauty as we age)

So, we've pared down our choice of ingredients for this line, and the primary goal of each of these products is to prevent the signs of aging by protecting skin from the elements. 

And, remember, these products are multi-functional, so you CAN just choose one!

Day & Night Lotions - these products are packed with anti-oxidants and a UV fighting peptide and are suitable for all skin types

Beach Bum After Sun Lotion

Shade in a Bottle Day & Night Lotion


Night Lotions - Niacinamide & Ceramide Rich - choose from Oily Skin or Combination/Dry Skin

REM Time Night Time Lotion for Oily Skin Types

REM Time Night Time Lotion for Combination/Dry Skin Types

Oil Free Serums - these serums contain UV fighting and anti-inflammatory peptides plus a TON of moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and panthenol

Beach Bum After Sun Serum


Rebekah's Serum

You will see a few of these products listed in multiple categories regardless of which skin concern you have, and that's intentional because based on our research, ingredients like Vitamin C and Niacinamide are beneficial to skin at all ages and of any skin concern.  However, these products, in particular, are designed with the first intent of protecting skin from photo-aging.

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