Can we apply ponds light moisturizer on face?

Pond’s light moisturiser is a light cream from Pond’s for soft, moisturised skin with non-oily fresh glow. … The rich luxurious formula spreads easily on the skin making it easy to apply on face, hands and body.

Is ponds light moisturizer good for face?

It does not clog my pores and feels so light on my skin. My skin felt soft and well moisturised. … It will suit all skin types but for dry skin, it might not be enough for winters. As it is lightweight, it can be used as body cream as well.

Does ponds light moisturizer cause acne?

Ponds Light Moisturizer is a great everyday moisturizer that is super lightweight on the skin. … Works great on the winter dryness and suitable for all skin types as it is lightweight, non-oily, and non-sticky. It didn’t cause any breakouts after regular usage.

Is ponds light moisturizer harmful?

Ponds Light Moisturizer Side Effects

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Ponds Light Moisturizer has comedogenic ingredients that can cause acne and pimples in some people. Also, it’s fragranced, so it might not suit sensitive skin types.

Is ponds light a moisturizer?

Maintain your skin’s vibrant health throughout the year with this All-season Light Moisturiser from Pond’s.

Easy Absorption.

Sales Package Cream
Applied For (Face) Radiance & Glow, Moisturization & Nourishment, Oil Control
Applied For (Body) Moisturization & Nourishment
Skin Type Dry Skin
Organic No

What’s better Nivea or ponds?

I would say Nivea and Ponds are both equally effective but Nivea provides more quantity in lesser price in comparison with Ponds and also has longer shelf life than Ponds. So my vote goes to Nivea. In case if you don’t like either of these there are many more options available in the market.

What to apply on face before sleeping?

Here we give you five face packs to be applied right before you sleep and leave them on overnight for a taught and bright skin.

Face Packs For Daily Glow

  1. Milk for beauty sleep: …
  2. Aloe Vera to cure pimples: …
  3. Honey for inner beauty: …
  4. Lemons to fight dullness: …
  5. Coconut oil to moisturize:


Is ponds super light moisturizer good for acne prone skin?

Oily skin people can give this moisturiser a chance. But acne prone skin and sensitive skin should stay away from this product. … The Ponds Super Light Gel Oil Free Moisturizer With Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin E, is suitable for all skin type and can be used all round the year.

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Is ponds bad for acne?

On top of preventing spots by deep cleansing the pores, Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser can also help with acne scars. Research has suggested that mineral-based products are especially useful in preventing acne-prone skin from developing scars, as well as helping skin look youthful and plump.

Is ponds moisturizer good for oily skin?

excellent product from ponds. its keep the face fresh about 8 hours and also non oily fresh feel. i use it in winter.

PONDS Light Moisturiser All seasons, Non Oily, Fresh Glow (75 ml)

Model Name Light Moisturiser All seasons, Non Oily, Fresh Glow
Skin Type All Skin Types
Organic No

What is the price of ponds light moisturizer?

₹ 209.00 Fulfilled FREE Delivery on orders over ₹ 499.00 .

POND’S Light Moisturiser, Non- Oily With Vitamin E And Glycerine, For Soft And Glowing Skin, 250 ml.

M.R.P.: ₹ 249.00
Price: ₹ 209.00 (₹ 83.60 / 100 ml) Fulfilled
You Save: ₹ 40.00 (16%)
Inclusive of all taxes

Is Nivea light moisturizer good for face?

Nivea Soft Light Moisturizer can be used on any part of the body including the face. Its unique formula takes great care of the soft and delicate facial skin so that it looks healthy and beautiful all through the year.

Which ponds moisturizer is best for dry skin?

POND’S® Crema S is specifically designed for dry to very dry skin, this POND’S moisturizer nourishes for up to 24 hours with a blend of natural botanical extracts and nutrients, resulting in soft, healthy-looking skin.

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Which Ponds cream best?

Top 10: Best Ponds Products Available in India with Reviews, Prices

  • Ponds age miracle cell Regen deep action night cream: …
  • Ponds flawless white Day cream : …
  • Ponds white beauty BB Cream : …
  • Ponds white beauty Pearl Gel face wash : …
  • Ponds white beauty Tan Removal scrub : …
  • Ponds age miracle firm and lift eye contour lifter:

What is the use of ponds light moisturizer?

It is non oily and give the fresh feel to skin. This moisturizer is best moisturizer for daily use it make skin smooth and supple. Ponds light moisturizer is good for under makeup it is non sticky and perfect for all skin type .

Which moisturizer is best in ponds?

Best Ponds Moisturizers With Details:

  1. Pond’s Super Light Gel Moisturiser: …
  2. Pond’s Light Moisturiser: …
  3. POND’S Moisturising Cold Cream: …
  4. Pond’s Men’s Energy Charge Gel Moisturizer: …
  5. Pond’s Juliet Rose Body Lotion: …
  6. POND’S Triple Vitamin Moisturising Body Lotion:
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