Why do you get cold sores after a chemical peel?

Even if a client does not present with an active outbreak, but is a known carrier of the virus – the simple action of performing a chemical peel on the skin has the potential to trigger the virus causing a cold sore to develop in the days following a treatment.

Can chemical peels cause cold sores?

A chemical peel can lead to a bacterial, fungal or viral infection, such as a flare-up of the herpes virus — the virus that causes cold sores.

How do you treat a cold sore after a chemical peel?

Your dermatologist may provide you with a moisturizer or a medicated lotion or cream to apply to your skin to help it heal. You also may receive a prescription oral antiviral medication to take for seven to 10 days around the time of your treatment to help prevent cold sores.

Are blisters normal after a chemical peel?

Within 24 hours, the top layer of the skin will blister and peel. The peeled areas will resemble a deep sunburn. It is not unusual to have some slight drainage for the first few days after surgery.

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Is it common to get cold sores after surgery?

Cold sores can also pop up if the body is stressed, like after surgery or too much sun exposure.

How often should I get chemical peel?

Those who just need or want light peels can usually get them every month. For more intense treatments, like medium or peels, it’s advisable to wait four or six months in between appointments. Those who wish to get deep peels should only do so once every few years.

What can you not do after a chemical peel?

Your skin is more delicate after a peel, so avoid direct sun exposure, which can lead to even more visible signs of skin aging. If you must be exposed, use a Broad Spectrum physical sunscreen. Avoid strenuous workouts, dry saunas and steam rooms.

Can you exfoliate a cold sore?

“I would avoid exfoliating when a cold sore is active,” said Debra Wattenberg, MD, a New York City-based dermatologist. Why the beauty regime may not be so wise? “Exfoliating increases the risk of spreading the infection to other areas,” said Dr. Wattenberg.

Is salicylic acid good for cold sores?

Salicylic acid acts by eroding thickened skin surfaces such as warts and calluses, and, when applied on the cold sore, where the skin is not as thick, it could cause further skin damage.

What is the best moisturizer to use after a chemical peel?

When you start to peel, use a non-comedogenic moisturizer such as AveenoⓇ, VanicreamⓇ, CetaphilⓇ, or CeraVeⓇ, until the skin feels back to normal. This will promote the healing process by locking in moisture and reducing the chance of a bacterial infection, redness, and irritation.

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How long does skin purge after chemical peel?

Everyone’s skin is unique, so that time frame can differ from person to person. Generally speaking, dermatologists say purging should be over within four to six weeks of starting a new skin care regimen. If your purge lasts longer than six weeks, consult your dermatologist.

Can I wear my glasses after chemical peel?

If the area around the nose has been peeled, one should wait at least four weeks before wearing eyeglasses. The pressure of glasses resting on the skin of the nose should be avoided until Dr.

Will they cancel surgery for a cold sore?

Patients with a history of cold sores need antiviral medicine before undergoing any facial plastic surgery or dermatologic procedure. Facial procedures should not be performed if an active cold sore is present.

Should I throw away Chapstick after a cold sore?

Anybody with cold sores should always use lip balms with sunscreens. After a cold sore episode, throw away the lip balm and get a new one; otherwise, you’ll just keep re-infecting yourself.

How do you get rid of a cold sore in 24 hours?

Use a cotton swab to apply apple cider vinegar on the cold sore with the cotton swab and leave it one until it dries. Repeat this several times throughout the day. Apple cider vinegar is an antimicrobial agent, which can kills the virus that’s causing infection and provide you with quick relief.

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